Nothing Says I Love You Like A Box Of Smoked Meat

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I ship with UPS, and they can take 7 days to get from my smokehouse in Oregon to the East Coast - so don't wait or you might have to fight all the last-second mobs in the store next week. Mobs fighting over beef jerky and pepperoni sticks is never a thing one should willingly subject themselves to. Take my word on that one. Get that special someone what they really want. Hint: it's not chocolate and it has a distinct smoked flavor and a lot more protein.

Meat Candy In A Box

Perhaps go all in and really show them how you feel with either a Little Beef Box or a Big Beef Box - you'll get a free package of Trapper's Choice Steak and my appreciation for your patronage to boot. Usually, I'm all about square deals, but this one is more of a heart-shaped deal, methinks.

With gratitude for your patronage,