The Huge 30 Pound Bag of Beef Jerky Is Here!

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I get asked all the time about how real jerky lovers can get a bigger bag of my Old Fashioned beef jerky. It all started when I created the big bag idea with my 10oz package size. Apparently, that's not big enough for many of you. So today I'm announcing my new 30Lb bag of beef jerky. That's 3 feet tall and 480oz of Old Fashioned! It's like buying 48 10oz bags all at once. Hopefully, this will satisfy your need for more smoked meat goodness.

Tested In Stores

I had my friends at the smokehouse in Forest Grove, Oregon test out the bag with our good partners over at Plaid Pantry. Needless to say, it was a success.

Read our Official Press Release.


Security Video Footage

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T.O. Trapper