Meet The Trapper In Eugene, Oregon on Sunday, 8/16!

Hello Friends,

‘Twas a pleasure meetin’ all my devoted fans who attended last week’s 2015 Elk Extravaganza at Archers Afield. Together we shared laughs, a few tears, and bag after bag of free beef jerky. I even passed on a bit of my archery expertise, honed by decades of experience, to some of the young trappers out there. No doubt they’ll use these newfound skills to great success once huntin’ season is finally upon us.


A New Test of Skills

For those within drivin’ range of the proud city of Eugene, Oregon, I’ll be attendin’ the Dari Mart 50th Anniversary celebration on Sunday, August 16th from 11am-3pm at Emerald Park. Stop by the Old Trapper booth and you can:

  • Meet me, The Old Trapper – Take pictures – Get free samples – Win Prizes!
  • Challenge me to a game of cornhole toss – but with jerky!
  • Get a kids group shot with me while everyone wears trapper caps!
  • Be the “face” of a package of Old Trapper Jerky!
  • Did I mention prizes?

If you live in or around Eugene, and fancy meetin’ me, The Old Trapper, come to Emerald Park on August 16th. I promise to smile when you take my photograph!

All My Best,