Snack Sized .9oz 12-Packs Are Now Online! Just In Time For Back-To-School!

Pack A Protein-Packed Lunch!

There's nothing I love more than a good, protein-packed lunch. You and your young'uns can now take some of the delicious Old Fashioned Beef Jerky with you in the perfect little .9oz size!of.9oz_1

Healthy Snacks = Healthy Kids

Fortunately times have changed and mom’s can now provide their kids with clean food that’s delicious to boot, just like my .9oz packs of beef jerky. This kid-sized, single serve pack of lean protein fits perfectly in a lunch box or backpack and will keep your young’uns fueled all day long. You can buy a bundle of 12 .9oz packs at our electronic mercantile for just $2o.oo, which, just between us, is a steal. So pack some protein and take Old Trapper back to school.

All My Best,

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