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Old Trapper Successfully Navigates Pandemic Environment with Over 30% Growth in 2021

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Third Consecutive Year of Higher Than 25% Growth Despite Supply Chain Issues and Cost Increases

Forest Grove, Ore. – February 2022 – Old Trapper today announced growth of more than 30% in 2021, outpacing category growth for the third consecutive year. Old Trapper's growth is a result of an uptick in all retail categories, specifically grocery and convenience store sales, which showed continued strength throughout the United States. The brand’s strong growth came amid increasing supply chain issues and an all time high cost of raw materials. 

Throughout 2021, Old Trapper experienced ongoing supply chain issues resulting in an increase of over 30% in logistics costs. Two new packaging lines were expected in May but did not complete until October. 

Despite these challenges, Old Trapper led the category in innovation with the addition of two new packaging lines that increased packaging capacity by more than 40%. In 2022, the company will add additional smokehouses which will increase smokehouse capacity by 40%. 

 “Brands across the globe are dealing with unprecedented challenges related to the pandemic and we are proud to be reporting our continued growth in both revenue and innovation,” said Robert Leary, Chief Marketing Officer of Old Trapper. “Our commitment to producing the highest quality product for our partners and customers keeps us focused during difficult times and successfully operating despite challenges. During 2021, we introduced our single serve beef stick, and our 15 ounce big bag of sticks featuring a reformatted snackable stick size and gusseted packaging. We also expanded our sponsorships throughout the sports and outdoor markets to further increase the overall visibility of the Old Trapper brand. Into 2022, our focus is on increasing our packaging and production capacity to continue our growth momentum and lead the beef jerky industry with innovation and a superior product. We are committed to keeping a shelf stable protein rich meat snack available during these times and we think our customers really appreciate that.” 


About Old Trapper Smoked Products

Old Trapper Smoked Products has produced its signature line of authentic handmade beef jerky from its headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon since 1969. That 50 years of experience, complemented by continued investments in state-of-the-art processes, result in top-quality products that are distributed nationwide. A family-run business, Old Trapper offers a full line of high-quality, naturally smoked meat snacks using only the best lean strips of beef, the freshest seasoning ingredients and real wood-fired smoke. For more information, please visit www.OldTrapper.com