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3 Beard Styles for the Sophisticated Trapper

November 15, 2015

Hello Friends,

As Movember marches on, and beards and mustaches grow out across this great country, I consider it my sacred duty as a professional beard wearer to impart a bit of what I know regardin' superior beard styles for the sophisticated man. Now a philistine might suggest that simply lettin' your beard grow long is a style in and of itself. I respectfully disagree. The dapper man (dare I say the better man), cares deeply for his appearance and is always dignified in its presentation. Below I present three of my favorite beard styles and suggestions on wearin' them best.

The Charlemagne

TheCharlemagne Named for the great King of Europe durin' the middle ages, this beard is meant to impress. Consider its use when attendin' state dinners, Nobel Prize award ceremonies, or your more formal coronations.

The Diplomat

TheDiplomatSophisticated yet rugged, the upturned corners of this mustache say, "I'm fluent in French," while the well-manicured beard adds, "I'll always order in English." Perfect for a night out on the town or an evenin' at The Academy Awards.

The 3/4 Yosemite

OT November content-8989To the uninitiated, this may appear to be a Full Yosemite style, but close scrutiny reveals the telltale upper- lip swirl of the 3/4. Worn by adventurers, outlaws, and desperadoes alike, the Yosemite (full, half, or 3/4) is a beard for the man who's not afraid to go it alone. Suitable for mine shaft rescues, Crossfit championship competitions, or GQ cover shoots.

Wear it With Confidence

Now there's no need to thank me for all this free style advice. I will not accept payment nor accolades. I'm simply doin' my part in service of Movember and men all over the world. I only ask you to remember this: no matter your beard ability, what's most important is wearin' what you got with confidence. Nothin' ruins a good beard quite like a bad attitude. Throughout November, Old Trapper is donating a portion of our online sales to the Movember Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving men's health. So shop today and show your support.