3 Reasons Why Old Trapper is the Best Beef Jerky for Hiking

3 Reasons Why Old Trapper is the Best Beef Jerky for Hiking

Friends, I don’t make a habit of boasting. However, I’m considered by many to be a rather famous outdoorsman. Now, I’m no Davy Crocket or Hallie Daggett (Google her). However, my survival skills are beyond reproach, as is my love for the wildest parts of this great country. 

Being a semi-famous American, noted beef jerky entrepreneur, renowned outdoorsman, and all-around amiable fellow, I’m often approached by fans who ask, “Old Trapper, what is the best beef jerky for hiking?”

When this happens, I find myself wondering what answer they expect me to give. As the proprietor of Old Trapper Beef Jerky, it’s undoubtedly in my best interest to say that when it comes to dried meat for backpacking, Old Trapper is tops. However, besides being semi-famous, noted, renowned, and amiable, I’m also honest. So, if there really was a better beef jerky for hiking, I’d answer truthfully. But there’s not. Old Trapper is the best beef jerky for hiking, by far. Here’s why.

A hiker enjoying a bag of Old Trapper Peppered beef jerky while on the trail.

1. A Size For Every Excursion 

Hikers come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Some prefer leisurely afternoon strolls outdoors, while others opt for multi-month excursions across the Pacific Crest Trail. Fortunately, there’s an Old Trapper Beef Jerky bag that’s sized perfectly for whatever journey you take. Afternoon hikers will enjoy my 3.25oz bags, while day hikers appreciate the extra jerky inside my quarter-pound bags. For longer excursions, experienced hikers reach for my 10oz bags, which keeps outdoor adventurers powered for days on end. Be forewarned, though: because of its extreme deliciousness, you’ll have to use every ounce of willpower to avoid eating your entire bag of beef jerky within the first hour of your trip.

2. Resealable Bags Ensure Freshness

What’s the number one threat to hikers in the United States? If you said getting lost, you’d be right. A close second, of course, is deadly bears. These apex predators have learned that humans are often the source of delicious and easily-attainable food. That’s why hikers need to be extremely careful with their food handling in the backcountry. Bears have amazingly sensitive noses and can smell a possible food source from miles away. All my beef jerky packages come with handy resealable closures that keep your savory snacks fresh while deterring bear attacks (and perhaps unscrupulous hiking partners). When backpacking with meat in bear country, I recommend traveling with a whistle, plenty of bear spray, and a spare jerky bag you can drop in front of a pursuing ursine while you safely escape.

Old Trapper and a group of hikers sharing a bag of Old Trapper Beef Jerky at the top of a hiking trail.

3. Clear Packaging as a Survival Tool

If the worst does occur and you become lost on your hiking trip, your first course of action should be to start a fire. Now, if you’re not prepared to spend the night outside, you may have neglected to pack a sufficient fire starter. That’s where my clear packaging comes in. You see, not only does my clear packaging allow consumers to see exactly what they’re getting before they buy, but it can also be used as a lens to focus sunlight onto tinder. After a few short hours of holding perfectly still, you should have an ember you can (hopefully) turn into a roaring blaze. Now that you have a crackling fire going, you can stay warm, summon help, and ward off the aforementioned bears. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that experts should only attempt this technique. Less experienced hikers should remain in the same location until help arrives. Or, alternatively, not become lost in the first place.

Enjoy the Journey with the Best Beef Jerky for Hiking

Of course, I’m writing in jest. My beef jerky can only provide limited protection against bears and the chance of starting a campfire with my clear bags are limited. However, none of that changes my position about Old Trapper being the best beef jerky for hiking.

After all, hiking is all about leaving your big-city worries behind and getting lost (metaphorically) in the beauty of nature. By bringing along a tasty snackspecifically, Old Trapper Beef Jerky—you’re adding savory flavor to your outdoor journey. So, the next time you’re heading out for a hike, reach for Old Trapper—the best beef jerky for hiking. And watch out for those bears.