5 Old Trapper GIFs that Perfectly Explain My Beef Jerky Emotions

Hello Friends,

Beef jerky elicits complex emotions in humans, and in this digital age, there's no better way to express those emotions than through a graphics interchange format. As such, I've created these useful reaction GIFs of yours truly as a sort of open-source communication tool so that we all may understand and be better understood. 

For example, this is how beef jerky makes me feel:

1. When You Hear That Bag Open

Spinning Old Trapper GIF









From three towns over.

2. When the Big Beef Box Lands at Your Front Door

pumped Old Trapper GIF









Always the best day.

3. When Someone Wants to Know My Favorite Flavor

Old Trapper Thinking GIF









Still thinking...

4.  When You Find that Hidden Bag You Forgot Existed

Yes Old Trapper GIF









Winner, winner jerky dinner.

5. When Bae Says She'll Bring the Beef Jerky

Wink Old Trapper GIF









She's #1 for a reason.

The Perfect Communication Medium

See how well that works! I haven't said a word, yet you perfectly understand how I'm feeling. So please, take these GIFs and use them widely. And in the end, we'll all be closer for it.

All My Best,