A Visit From The Old Trapper: A Christmas Story in Four Parts

  • by T.O. Trapper
  • 1 min read

A Visit From The Old Trapper: Part 1

OT November content-9004'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lodge,

A hunger was stirring that I just couldn't dodge;

My stash near the chimney had long been laid bare,

And I eyed my empty kitchen cupboards with growing despair;

I'd sent the children to bed with the last of my grub,

And at this point I'd probably devour a shrub;

My wife had been gone six days visiting her sister,

And with horror I'd found you can't shop via transistor;

When out from the woods I heard a faint rustle,BeefStocking

So I shut off the lights, worried I was in for a tussle;

I snuck to my window using every bit of my guile,

And peeked into the clearing fearing something so vile;

By starlight the world was surprisingly bright,

But it did nothing at all to lessen my fright;

Suddenly from the tree line there emerged a brown bear,

Fur and fang glistening in the moonlight like some living nightmare;

But sitting astride the great Ursa was a fellow so dapper,

I knew in my gut this was the Old Trapper.

To be continued...

With thanks to Mr. Clement Clark Moore.