A Visit From The Old Trapper: Part 2

A Christmas Story in Four Parts

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OT November content-8959The great bear gave a growl as The Trapper alit,

Claws scraping the earth, as he snarled and spit.

An ordinary man might have cowered in fright,

But The Old Trapper seemed only to take great delight.

Instead of retreating the woodsman grabbed the great bear,

'Round the scruff of his neck and by a clump of his hair.

With a gentle caress The Trapper calmed the brown beast,

Who then shuffled and turned and trotted away headed east.

Up to this point I considered my spying discrete,OT November content-9006

But as he turned towards the lodge our gazes did meet.

Embarrassed and shamed my face it did redden,

And my growling, barren belly felt increasingly leaden.

As if sensing my discomfort The Trapper crossed the clearing in a bound,

And strode through the my front door without making a sound.

To be continued...