A Visit from The Old Trapper: Part 3

A Christmas Story in Four Parts

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OT November content-9008He was dressed all in leather, from his tips to his toes,

And from them the warm scent of cedar arose;

A worn leather satchel hung low on at his waist,

And from his smile I could see his teeth were perfectly spaced.

His eyes were the color of deep oceans, so blue,

And I blushed just a little admiring the view!

His beard was majestic and worn with such pride,

I felt shame for my stubble the wife would often deride;

His fur cap sat squarely atop the crown of his head,OT November content-8953

A new fashion, I felt, would soon be widespread;

Through all this my hunger flamed hard in my gut,

And I feared hope for its filling would soon be slammed shut.

But just then from out of his waist bag, so murky,

The Trapper produced a 10oz bag of beef jerky.

To Be Continued...