Are you New to Barbecue?

Hello Friends,

I was recently contacted via the Old Trapper Tweeter page by someone calling themselves @TheDWrek. Now I cannot be certain if this was their real name or some manner of fanciful digital alias, but nevertheless Mr. (or Ms.) @TheDWrek was quite excited at having discovered my Barbecue Beef Jerky, a flavor they'd heretofore never tasted. In the 21st century, there is perhaps no better way to express yourself than through a customized pop-culture meme and associated hashtag, so we all recognize @TheDWrek's feelings are sincere. And who can blame him? Now I won't bore you with an explanation of the law of supply and demand (though I did lecture extensively at the London School of Economics, so let us just say my Barbecue flavor is probably less readily available than some of my other flavors, so this discovery is an appropriate moment for real happiness.

Protect Your Barbecue

If you do discover a bag of barbecue at your local store of convenience, I would encourage you to try it, even if it's not your normal flavor of choice. I think you'll enjoy its tangy, smokey taste and tender texture. But here's an important piece of advice: if you don't devour the entire bag in your car and some of it does make it back to your home or place of employment, take appropriate steps to protect your valuables. Barbecue is absolutely irresistible to the jerky thief.

Other Options

Of course, my Barbecue beef jerky is always available at my electronic shopping portal and can be shipped to you in quantity for just $7.00. You can now also set up your own customized subscription so you'll never miss out on your favorite snack. Someone should make a meme for that.

All My Best,

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