Basketball is My Game

Hello Friends,

You might not tell by lookin', but I've been playin' basketball for a dog's age. It's a little known fact that it was I who nailed the fateful peach basket up in the rafters of that YMCA gymnasium because Dr. James Naismith "couldn't find a ladder." Over the years I played with the best and beat the best but you won't find the Trapper's name in any record books. I'm what you might call a playground legend. Anyhoo, the college basketball tournament begins next week and soon young kids will be runnin' about, to and fro, tryin' to best another group of kids in an athletic endeavor. You'll no doubt be watching the games with friends and needin' some manner of victuals to satisfy your hunger. It's my humble suggestion that several (dozen) packages of my 10oz jerky bags would be the perfect pairing for these upcomin' sportin' events. If you're a true fan and plan on takin' in the entire tournament, I might suggest something more substantial. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature