Old Trapper Beef and Cheese snack stick packages featuring Original and Jalapeño Beef flavors.

Beef and Cheese: a Match Made in Heaven

We all know a perfect pair when we see one. Chocolate and peanut butter. Eggs and bacon. A King and an Ace card on the Blackjack table. The Ross and Rachel characters from the famous television program Acquaintances. Or maybe it was Buddies. Something like that. Anyway, in each of these instances, we instinctively know that each pair's components make the other one better. Without chocolate, peanut butter is just a salty goop. Without the Ace card, a King is only 10. Without Rachel, Ross is a strange man with a monkey. Each one is transformed into something spectacular by its ideal partner. Today, I'm adding two more members to this perpetual pantheon of perfect pairs: beef and cheese.

Beef and Cheese: An Obvious Addition

Now, I may not be breaking any new ground with the addition of beef and cheese. After all, these two foods have played well together for centuries. I'm referring to delicacies like the cheeseburger, charcuterie boards, and the iconic Club Sandwich. But when it comes to snack foods, beef and cheese are criminally underrated.

This is understandable, perhaps, because it's difficult to find convenient, snack-sized beef and cheese items. You could conceivably package up beef and cheese separately and carry them around for those moments when you crave a perfectly paired snack. However, this is neither a convenient nor sustainable form of snacking. Friends, as a noted food entrepreneur, I'm here to solve these problems. That's why I developed the Old Trapper Beef & Cheese Snack Stick.

There’s No Wrong Way to Snack

My Beef & Cheese Snack Sticks combine the wood-smoked flavor of my Beef Sticks with the creamy texture of American Cheese—all in one handy package. I prefer eating the Beef Stick and cheese simultaneously, one delicious bite at a time. Other snackers tackle these delectable treats separately. Here's the most beautiful part: both ways are correct. I'm sure some intrepid snacker has even figured out a third way to consume my Beef & Cheese Snack Sticks. I only hope I'm lucky enough to meet that person one day.

Two Beef & Cheese Snack Stick Flavors

It's not enough that I've revolutionized beef and cheese snacking. I also had to introduce new flavor experiences to this perfect pair. The first is my Original Beef & Cheese Snack Stick, which allows the smoked beef stick flavor to shine through. The other is my Jalapeño Beef & Cheese Snack Stick, which trades out the American Cheese for a creamy slice of pepper cheese. This spicy and savory treat is perfect for snackers who enjoy the wilder things in life. But no matter which beef and cheese treat you choose, you'll have the unbeatable flavor combination literally in the palm of your hand.

Meat is My Medium

You don't just revolutionize the beef and cheese snack market out of nowhere. It requires years of dedication to a craft. I've been smoking beef jerky and other dried meat snacks since 1969, and in those 50 years, I've learned a thing or two about flavor. The first is to use only the finest ingredients. The second is to smoke those ingredients low and slow using real wood smoke. When you never waiver from those two critical principles, you can deliver quality time and time again.

I guess, in a way, those principles are my perfect pair. While they may never be Ross and Rachel, they do combine to make pretty darn good smoked meat snacks. That's something I'm happy to hang my hat on.