Big Beef Box: Your Summer Snack Savior

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Hello Friends,

During these dog days of summer, snack option evaporate like water on hot pavement. Soup on a 90 degree day? No thanks! 110 in the shade? Crackers aren't going to cut it. Day at the beach? No fondue for me! So for those of us who relish these summer months, what snack options remain when the temperature starts to rise?

Beef Lovers Rejoice

Fortunately the Old Trapper has you covered. I've created the Big Beef Box, an unprecedented advancement in smoked meat delivery technology, stuffed to the gills with enough deliciousness to keep you snacking non-stop this summer.  You'll receive four 10oz bags of each of our Original, Teriyaki, and Peppered beef jerky flavors AND four bags of our Deli Style Beef Sticks. PLUS I'll throw in a free bag of Trapper's Choice Beef Steak, just to say thanks. So to recap, I've solved all your summer snacking conundrums, yet I'm still giving away free jerky. What's more, I'll ship all of it to your house for only $7.00! Don't let anybody ever tell you that this Old Trapper doesn't love his customers.

Sweat it Out

Summer weather will be with us for a while, yet, but don't despair. Pick up a Big Beef Box and let the Old Trapper be your Summer Snack Savior. After all, you should be sweating the heat, not your empty belly.

All My Best,

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