Black Friday Weekend Means Black Friday Deals

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Hello Friends,

Today is Thanksgiving, a day where Americans gather together and, well, give thanks. I've always been a supporter of this particular holiday, as I've always been one to advocate for a general state of Thankfulness. I hope you and yours have had a grand day and stuffed your bellies with plenty of beef jerky.

Black Friday Deals

I'm learnin' more about the grand tradition of Black Friday weekend, which is apparently a time to shop with wild abandon in search of the hottest deals. Not to be outdone, I'll be offerin' my own Black Friday deals this weekend and you all have a wily Frenchman named Louis to thank.

A Long Time Ago

I spent time in French Canada many years ago and came to know Louis through my travels and trapperin' activities. I came to be fond of the man largely for his forward sense of fashion. Atop his bald head was affixed a black knit cap he called a "tuque." I never saw that man cold and I've coveted that hat lo these many years.

Free Hats for Y'all

Black Friday Deals Cyber Monday Deals - Buy Beef Jerky Six-Pack and get a free bag of deli-style beef sticks and a knit stocking cap for free Now that I operate my own beef jerky empire, I decided to commission my own set of tuques complete with the visage of yours truly emblazoned on the front, and I'll be given' 'em away all weekend long! All you need to do is buy a six pack sampler of my 3.25 oz jerky and I'll send you a black Old Trapper tuque that will keep your head warm and toasty all winter long. And if that isn't enough, I'll also send a free bag of my deli-style beef sticks. The sale lasts through 11:59pm Monday night, so start shopping now! It's my way of warmin' up to this whole concept of Black Friday. I hope I'm doin' it right!

All My Best,

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