Can I Interest You in a Redesigned Website?

Can I Interest You in a Redesigned Website?

We've redesigned our website, just in time for the holiday rush!

We've Redesigned Our Website

Just in Time for the Holiday Rush!

Friends, recently I was approached by the good people in Old Trapper Information Technology - that's OT/IT around here - and told that our web site was feeling mighty stale and it would serve our customers well to freshen things up a bit.  

As you know, my beloved customers are always my highest priority so I provided the OT/IT crew the green light they needed to redesign our beloved online home. Today I'm proud to announce the project's completion and hope you all take some time to poke around a bit and maybe buy a tasty meat snack or two. I would be much obliged.

All My Best,

P.S. - I'm told the new site works great on mobile, but I have no idea what that means. Are people really carrying whole computers around with them these days?