Deer Week Has Arrived!

Deer Week Has Arrived!

And the Hunt Begins HereOld Trapper Hunting Deer with a Bow

Friends, if you're anything like me, the fall hunting season is a very special time. Nothing compares to dusting off those summer cobwebs as you move through the forests, mountains, and fields in search of your favorite game.

It's an exercise in skill, patience, and fortitude. And even though I'm a very old Old Trapper and have been hunting all my life, I learn something new every time I go out. 

Deer Week Start September 17th

This year, I'm celebrating the start of hunting season by sponsoring Deer Week — a week-long programming event from the good folks at The Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman's Channel, as well as print publications like Petersen's Hunting,, and many many more. 

Beginning September 17th, you can enjoy a full week of special hunting content that will help you prepare for the upcoming season and make you better at your craft.

I'm doing my part by offering a special Deer Week Swag Pack with every purchase of Big Beef BoxThe Big Beef Box is a perfect way for hunters to stock up on the  snacks they'll need to stay fueled and focused out in the field.

Each Big Beef Box comes stuffed with fourteen 10oz packages of my original, peppered, and teriyaki flavored jerky. And if that wasn't enough, you'll save money by buying in bulk!

To get your special Old Trapper Deer Week swag pack with your Big Beef Box purchase, just enter the code DEERWEEK at checkout and you'll receive:

  • An Old Trapper camo hat.
  • An Old Trapper camo koozie.
  • A Meat Head bumper sticker.
  • And an Old Trapper drawstring backpack bag.

Once deer week is over, you'll be loaded up with plenty of beef jerky, lots of cool Old Trapper swag, and more hunting knowledge than you'll know what to do with. Sound like a great way to kick off the season to me!