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Double Eagle Beef Jerky: Good as Gold

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Since times immemorial, I've crafted premium beef jerky with a commitment to quality and flavor from my very own frontier-tested recipes. Now, I invite you to discover the irresistible taste of my legendary Double Eagle jerky. I can say from experience it's worth its weight in gold (or even eagles). 

Tender Meat Snacks (Not Legal Tender)

A few folks may recall that back in the days of the California gold rush, having a pocket full of jingling double eagle gold coins made you a very happy trapper indeed. But upon returning to town from one of my many trapping expeditions into the vast wilderness, I found myself in need of supplies without the shine of traditional currency to my name. In a moment of inspiration (although some might call it desperation), I turned to my homemade beef jerky as a form of payment. 

Crafted from premium cuts of beef and seasoned to perfection, these jerky discs were quickly recognized for their delicious flavor and unique bartering value. The local mercantile gladly accepted my jerky coins in exchange for the provisions I required, marking the beginning of the Double Eagle legend.

Now, even I have to admit my Double Eagle beef jerky has some drawbacks compared to hard currency. For instance, it's not accepted at most major retailers, it cannot be used to purchase a cold sodie pop from one of those fancy machines, and I've yet to find a bank teller trustworthy enough to store my jerky without sampling it. But at the end of the day, those drawbacks don't really matter — these meat snacks are most valuable in your stomach.

What Makes Double Eagle Beef Jerky Stand Out

You can always recognize my Double Eagle beef jerky by its unique circular shape, but the secret to its greatness is more than its rounded edges. My Old Trapper Double Eagle Beef Jerky is a testament to my commitment to craftsmanship and flavor. Made from hand-selected beef and seasoned with my signature blend of spices, each slice is slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in a tender and flavorful snack experience. Whether you're fueling your next adventure or satisfying a craving, Double Eagle Beef Jerky delivers a bold and satisfying punch of flavor. 

Real Beef, Real Big Flavor

Quality is paramount in the beef jerky game, which is why I use only 100-percent premium beef in my Double Eagle Jerky. Each piece is carefully selected for its flavor, texture, and overall quality, ensuring that from the first bite to the last, you'll taste nothing but the pure essence of natural beef. After all, your stomach shouldn’t have to compromise.

When It Comes to Beef Jerky, Size Does Matter

Finally, let's talk about bulk sizing. As the saying goes, quality over quantity — but why not have both? I offer my Double Eagle Beef Jerky in bulk sizing options, giving you the flexibility to stock up and satisfy your cravings whenever they strike. Whether you're feeding a hungry family or provisioning your next road trip, bulk options ensure that you never run out of your favorite snack.

More Flavors, More to Love

I'm firmly of the opinion that it's impossible to ever get tired of eating beef jerky—but you don't find success as a trapper without a desire for seeking out new horizons. That's why I pioneered four exciting flavor options for my Double Eagle Beef Jerky: because there's always more to explore on the taste frontier. 

Old Fashioned

Indulge in the timeless taste of my Double Eagle Old Fashioned beef jerky with a delectable blend of tender, smoky, and sweet notes. Crafted with quality ingredients and smoked with natural wood, each bite promises a satisfying snack experience. With ten grams of protein per serving and only 80 calories, it's a smart choice for the discerning jerky fan.

Hot and Spicy

For those seeking a fiery kick, look no further than Old Trapper's Double Eagle Hot & Spicy beef jerky. Packed with bold flavor, this variety features generous dashes of red pepper flakes, balanced perfectly with my signature spice blend and a touch of brown sugar. It's an ideal option for those craving an extra punch in their snacking experience—just be ready to dunk your head in the nearest mountain spring. 


Marinated in teriyaki sauce, then slow-smoked over natural wood, my Double Eagle Teriyaki flavor captures the essence of your favorite Japanese restaurant with its unique seasoning and subtle sweetness. With a finely tuned balance of savory soy sauce, sweet brown sugar, flavorful ginger, and garlic, it's a tender and flavorful choice that's sure to please any palate.


Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or crave a bit of spice, Old Trapper's Peppered Double Eagle Beef Jerky is sure to satisfy. Infused with cracked black pepper, this variety offers a delightful blend of savory and zesty flavors in every tender bite. 

Setting the Gold Standard for Meat Snacks

My Double Eagle Beef Jerky stands at the top of the meat snack pantheon, rooted in a legacy of quality and flavor that spans generations. From its humble beginnings as a form of currency on the untamed frontier to its status as a beloved snack enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide, my Double Eagle Beef Jerky brings quality and flavor full circle. 

Crafted from hand-selected beef and seasoned with a signature blend of spices, each slice of Double Eagle Beef Jerky offers a tender and flavorful experience that satisfies cravings and fuels adventures. So whether you're embarking on a wilderness expedition or simply craving a flavorful treat, reach for Old Trapper's Double Eagle Beef Jerky and experience the satisfaction of a snack that's as timeless as it is delicious.