Father's Day Beef Jerky is the Best Beef Jerky: UPDATE

  • by T.O. Trapper
  • 1 min read

UPDATE: There's Still Time to Beef Up Your Father's Day

Friends, the deadline has passed to send your dear old dad delicious beef jerky from the Old Trapper online store and have it arrive before Father's Day. 

THAT'S OKAY. You're still a good person. Life can certainly be crazy and things like this can easily fall by the wayside. 

Fortunately, there's still time to beef up your Father's Day gift. Simply stop by one of your local grocery, convenience, or sporting stores and grab him a bag or four of the world's best beef jerky (hint: that's Old Trapper Beef Jerky). 

It's a gift he'll love and you could even buy a bag or two for yourself. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.


Your Dad Would Love This Box of Jerky

Friend's there's no love bigger than that of dear-old dad. So this Father's Day, why not show your gratitude for all those years of love and support with a big old box of beef jerky?

An Old Trapper Big Beef Box on a front porch

Free Shipping for Father's Day

With a case of beef jerky at hand, your dad can snack to his heart's content. Even better, you'll save on your Father's Day gift by buying in bulk. Plus I'm offering free shipping on all orders over $70 through June 11th. Just enter the code DADSDAY at checkout.

(Of course, you could always buy a case of jerky for yourself. You certainly deserve it.)