Old Trapper's Gift Guide for Father's Day

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Hello Friends,

Sunday is Father's Day and if you're like many Americans you've just been too busy to buy a gift for dear old dad. Now I'm not here to judge. I understand the way of this modern world and I'm also sure you love your father very much and want nothing more than to show him your appreciation for everything he's done. Fortunately, your good friend, T.O. Trapper is here to help solve your Father's Day gift-giving dilemma.

A Father's Day Favorite

I don't know your father, but I'm willing to be he's a fan of red meat. What's more, I bet he loves beef that's been seasoned to perfection and smoked using real wood until it's tender and delicious. I also bet he'd love to receive a shipment of this delicious, smoked meat delivered to his doorstep at regular intervals. I mean, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

It's That Easy!

You can make all your dad's beefy dreams come true this father's day by buying him his own beef jerky subscription. Just go to to shop.oldtrapper.com, create a custom jerky shipment for your pop, then click the subscribe button and choose your delivery frequency. You can even download and this handy voucher to let him know just what's in store. It's that easy! Your dad deserves the best and what's better than having free beef delivered to your door? Nothing, that's what. Happy Father's Day! 

All My Best,

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