Fishing with Trapper

Hello Friends,

It's no secret I'm one of the world's finest freshwater fisherman. You can credit my dedication to the craft, or years (and years) of practice, but you cannot deny my skill. I just posses an uncanny sense about our gilled brethren and can almost perfectly predict their very movements. Now I'm not one of those territorial fellows who keeps his favorite holes secret for fear they'll be filled with every last weekend warrior. Quite the opposite. I've always been a proponent of the great outdoors and would encourage everyone who has an interest to join me in these expeditions. I've always been a giver.

Fishing Bait? Just Wait...

I'm often asked by the folks I meet out on the lakes and rivers of this great nation, "Trapper, what are you using for bait today? Is it Spoons? Flies? Jigs? Cranks? Spinners? "No," I'll respond. I always use the one bait no living creature can resist.... OT_Jerky_OldFashioned-MEAT_1a9c40ca-666c-4cbe-88bc-f73ac71ceabf                 You can get yours here.

All My Best,

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