Football Season is Snack Season

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Hello Friends,

As you may rightly be aware, this weekend saw the return of football - my favorite sporting season. Why is it my favorite, you ask? Well, there are so many reasons. Fantasy football is a delightfully good time and I also love making weekly picks of my projected winners. But in reality, I love football most because it heralds the year's prime snack season. Here's proof:

Pee Wee Power

Do you have young tots playing pee wee football? At some point there's no doubt you'll be asked to bring a nourishing halftime snack. Forget the orange slices and instead bring the big bags of my delicious beef jerky.

The Perfect Sideline Snack

Fall Fridays are reserved for the high schoolers and if you've ever sat in the stands on a chilly November night, you know how important it is to keep your strength up. Ditch the hot dogs and let lean protein come to your rescue.

Snack + Saturday = Snackurday

If you're doing life right, Saturdays are spent watching football games from morning to night. In such extreme cases, regular snacks just don't have what it takes to support your viewing needs. To really succeed, you'll need the super sized protein punch only real beef jerky offers.

Shared Snacking

Sundays are reserved for the pros and nothing compliments an NFL game quite like a couple dozen of your best friends. If your hosting one of these viewing parties - or kind enough to contribute to one you're attending - avoid the chips, dip, and popcorn and bring the one snack that will make you a real hero, tasty beef jerky.

It's Just the Beginning

Friends, we've only just begun this football journey but like all the most wonderful things in life, it will be gone before we know it. So take a moment, appreciate the season, and snack like a champion.

All My Best,

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