Free Agent Report: TO Trapper

Free Agent Report: TO Trapper

Player: Trapper, TO.    Position: All of them     Current Address: The Wilderness D.O.B.: Unknown     Age: Old     Height: 6'2''      Weight: A lean 205 Bats: Switch    Throws:  Switch     School: Smoked Meats University

Position Player   Present   Future   Rating Key  
Hitting 80 80 80 - Outstanding
Power 80 80 70 - Very Good
Speed 80 80 60 - Above Average
Arm 80 80 50 - Average
Field 80 80 40 - Below Average
Base Running 80 80 30 - Well Below Average
Known Injuries or Defects:   Multiple cougar bite scars.

Physical Description

Tall, muscular build. Heavily bearded. Large hands. Piercing blue eyes that seem to stare into your very soul.

Strong Points

Powerful hitter. Faster than the blazes. Can throw the baseball a country mile. Skilled fielder. Wise beyond his years. Caring. Unlimited access to delicious beef jerky.

Weak Points

None observed.

A true can't miss prospect. The first six tool player this scout has ever seen. Our organization should leverage every available asset to acquire TO in the draft, as this free agent would immediately become the best player on the team. The only challenge will be to pry him away from his lucrative beef jerky endeavors. Maybe offer an ownership stake?