Halloween Candy Alternatives to Treat Yourself This Year

Halloween Candy Alternatives to Treat Yourself This Year

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This Old Trapper has seen folks, both young and grizzled, fall victim to Halloween tricks and treats. The treat is all that leftover Halloween candy, just waiting to be gobbled up in a feeding frenzy worthy of a bear fresh out of hibernation. The trick, naturally, comes at your next dentist’s visit. 

So what’s the trick, if you’ll pardon the pun, to avoiding cavities this Halloween season? I recommend you give a few Halloween candy alternatives a try. 

What to Eat Instead of Candy 

The problem with most Halloween candy alternatives is that they just don’t hit the spot. How are you supposed to satisfy your cravings with a handful of celery sticks when what you really want is a chocolate bar or ten? The key, I’ve found, is to snack smarter when looking for the best candy substitute. Here are some Halloween candy alternatives to help you avoid the sugar crash and cavities without sacrificing an ounce of deliciousness.

Fruit Snacks

You know what I like to call fruit? Nature’s candy. Those suckers are packed with all-natural sugars with far more nutrients than any candy bar. Berries, grapes, oranges, and apples are all excellent Halloween candy alternatives. I like to bury a handful of berries in a late October snow drift for a delicious frozen treat. I hear a traditional freezer does the trick just as well. Of course fruit does come up short in the protein department, which is critical as we all prepare to greet the oncoming winter. 

Homemade Pemmican

If you’re wondering what in tarnation pemmican might be, I have a treat for you. All it takes is some dried meat, berries, and boiled lard, and you can whip up a snack bar that goes back centuries. Pemmican is so filling that you can survive on it for an entire winter if you have to (emphasis on have to, because you certainly won’t want to). You can barely survive on Halloween candy for a weekend.

Now, pemmican can be an acquired taste. The best way to acquire it is to be very, very hungry when you eat it. I also recommend enjoying this homemade concoction with your eyes closed. Once you see it, you’ll understand.

Delicious Beef Jerky Treats

Sure, pemmican is great for energy. However, some people might not have access to the ingredients or a propensity for the taste of lard. Luckily, one of the best Halloween candy alternatives is the easiest to find and the tastiest to enjoy: my very own Old Trapper meat candy

What makes my beef jerky so good? Well, I like to do things the old-fashioned way. Every piece of top-quality meat is smoked using real wood for a difference you can taste and a tender texture that keeps you coming back for more. Plus, the hint of brown sugar in my seasoning recipe adds just the right balance of salty-sweetness to create a satisfying brand of meat cand. 

And if You Have to Eat Candy…

Listen. I understand. Sometimes, you have an itch that only sugar and artificial flavorings can satisfy. But to avoid going overboard, I recommend you stick with individually wrapped candy. This helps slow you down once the sugar fever sets in. And at the very least, you can count the empty wrappers after the fact to tally the full scope of your snacking hubris.

The Trick to Treating Yourself Right

The holidays are a time to let go, enjoy yourself, and indulge. But with the right slate of Halloween candy alternatives, you won’t have to regret it later. So next time you’re contemplating that bag of leftover chocolates in the pantry, reach for a handful of tasty Old Trapper jerky instead.