Harder Than it Should Be

Harder Than it Should Be

A recent news story has the Old Trapper wondering why we make things more difficult than they need to be. 


Perhaps you're aware of recent media reports regarding an outlandish drink conncoction a certain northwest, coffee-serving mega-corporation dreamed up. If not, I'll let the good folks at Eater magazine explain:

"Officially known as “Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist,” the drink consists of nitro cold-brew made from Congo beans that’s been infused with a malted fennel black pepper syrup; it’s topped off with a layer of honey cold foam, then garnished with cracked pink peppercorn and a skewer of grass-fed beef jerky." 

That's right, beef jerky is now an ingredient for a fancy coffee drink. ***long sigh goes here***

I'm No Hater

Now after all these years, I hope you know me well enough to understand that I'm no hater. Just the opposite. In fact, I applaud the good folks at Unnamed Northwest Coffee Empire for recognizing that delicious beef jerky improves just about anything it touches.

For example:

  • Tacos? Improved ✔️
  • Movies? Improved ✔️
  • Mondays? Improved ✔️
  • Long car rides? Improved ✔️
  • Safety deposit boxes? Improved ✔️

See! (Much like my good friend George Washington, I cannot tell a lie.) 

So, no, I'm not angered to see my beloved beef jerky used in such a fashion. I just wonder why we have to make things so much harder than they should be. Is this drink any better than a warm mug of coffee with a touch a cream and a piece (or 20) of your favorite beef jerky? I think not. But what do I know? I'm just an Old Trapper.

All My Best,