Here's One Subscription You'll Never Want to Cancel

Here's One Subscription You'll Never Want to Cancel

Snack and Repeat

Friends, it's a sad snack fact that beef jerky disappears almost immediately. I mean, you buy a bag or two, and before you can say lean protein, those bags are empty. Then, it's back to the store for more, or settle for some inferior snack. 

I'm here to change that. 

Start a Subscription and the Beef Jerky Never Ends

Old Trapper buyers have an exciting new option to break the vicious grocery store snack cycle. Simply sign up for a beef jerky subscription at, and the beef jerky never ends. Here's how it works:

  • Choose the products you want. 
  • Click on "Recurring Order." 
  • Choose how often you want your subscription sent. 
  • Click "Add to Card." 
  • Create an account or log in to your existing one. 
  • Checkout and enjoy your jerky!

No more hungry bellies. No more emergency trips to the store for more of the tasty meat snack you crave. Just plenty of jerky delivered to your door exactly when you need it.