Hitting the Water

Hitting the Water

The Old Trapper knows he's most associated with the wilderness, but he wants you to know how much he loves being out on the water.


Pencils Down

If you were to transform my public persona into an SAT question it might look something like this:

 A musician is to a stage as The Old Trapper is to...

A. The Sky

B. A Car

C. The Wilderness

D. Bananas

Although I do enjoy the occasional banana, it doesn't take a genius to know the answer is C. Because of my long, well-documented history roaming the wildest portions of the American west, I'll be forever linked to its forest, hills, valleys, and mountains. But there's more to me than that. 

Dip an Oar

While I've made my profession from wilderness living, I'm often drawn to the water for my relaxation and recreation time. There's just something so calming about the rivers, lakes, and streams that can't be matched anywhere else in nature.

I tend to stick with fishing, but there are times when I'll just row the boat into the middle of an empty lake and just sit and listen. There's much to be learned from that kind of quiet, believe you me. 

So if you have some times this weekend, grab a snack, go find a little bit of water and relax. You've earned it.

All My Best,