A man on a riverside shore holding a fishing pole and eating beef jerky with a forest mountain side in the background.

How to Eat Beef Jerky

As a man of the world, I don’t believe in miracle cures. If you want something done, the best way to see it through is with some honest work, determination, and maybe a mite of stubbornness. But when it comes to a miracle cure for hunger, fatigue, and emotional doldrums, I’ll be the first to say my beef jerky does the trick.

That might sound like a bold claim, but Old Trapper beef jerky is no culinary snake oil. Not only is it shelf stable for your pantry and able to keep on long trips outdoors, but it also contains all the hearty protein your body needs to stay energetic all day, and it tastes exactly how smoked beef should taste (incredible).

However, even the biggest beef jerky fans in the world (who aren’t named Old Trapper) might get a bit tired of eating nothing but beef jerky, which is why I figured out how to eat beef jerky as often as possible with a few delicious recipes. 

Cooking With Beef Jerky

What goes well with beef jerky? Well, just about everything, in my humble opinion. The soft and tender texture is one of the best things about my beef jerky recipe. Unlike other, less satisfying jerkies, you can treat yourself to a healthy helping of Old Trapper beef jerky without worrying about breaking a tooth. That’s also what makes it the best choice to cook with. 

Simmer a Delicious Pasta Sauce

If you’re coming home from a long day on the trail, you want a quick and flavorful meal to look forward to without much preparation. Use my tender Old Trapper jerky to add a kick of extra meaty flavor and protein to your pasta sauce. If you want to get fancy, add some chopped garlic and fresh herbs to capitalize on those savory flavors. (Note: teriyaki and hot and spicy also work with ramen!)

Make a Hearty Pot of Chili

You can’t go wrong with a warm bowl of chili, especially when you substitute your usual protein for a helping of beef jerky. Along with some red beans and a big piece of cornbread, this delicious meal is a winner. I recommend peppered for this campfire favorite.

Roast With Vegetables

If you’re wondering how to eat beef jerky while also getting some extra vegetables in your diet at the same time (I'm conflicted about this one, but I pair this recipe with an open mind), the answer is as simple as it is delicious. You can roast tender beef jerky with your favorite vegetables for a delicious and healthy meal. All you have to do is roast your vegetables like usual and then sprinkle in a handful of Old Trapper jerky halfway through the cooking time. Roast the rest of the way and toss with some salt and pepper. 

Beef Jerky Charcuterie

Now, I’m not an especially fancy person. But if you want to know how to eat beef jerky at your next classy get-together, you might want to put together a beef jerky charcuterie board. Serve some pieces of my tenderest beef jerky alongside your favorite cheeses, crackers, and a few grapes. Anyone who tries that combination will never think about caviar (whatever that is) again. I can, however, speak from experience in this regard: when you put real smoked meat onto a piece of wood, it disappears real fast. So be sure to buy every flavor you can and do it in bulk. Whether you separate them all out for your guests or you simply let them be delighted with surprise by one biiiiig pile, is completely up to you and your style!

The Best Way to Eat Beef Jerky is Your Way

So how to eat beef jerky? The better question might be how not to eat beef jerky. And just like the other great philosophical debates, that question will remain forever unanswered. The best way to eat beef jerky is however you like it. That’s a bit of my Old Trapper wisdom. You know, the type of wisdom that comes with (lots) of time.