Meet The Old Trapper at the 2015 Elk Extravaganza

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Hello Friends,

I know many of y'all have expressed the desire to meet yours truly in person, and I assure you, The Trapper has heard your pleas. As such, I'll be emergin' from the wilderness and takin' up temporary residence at the Elk Extravaganza at Archers Afield in Tigard, Oregon from 9am-2pm on Saturday, August 1st. ElkX_Instagram_NoBtnThere will be vendors, there will be food, there will be prizes, and most importantly, there will be me. Come up, say hi (I probably won't say hi back. It's nothin' personal, so don't be offended), and get your picture taken with the prettiest trapper this side of the Rocky Mountains.

Challenge The Trapper

Seein' as how this whole soirée is huntin' related, I'll have my trusty compound bow at my side, ready to challenge all comers for the title of Best Bow Hunter (Trapper Division). If you can outshoot The Trapper, you'll win free stuff. So make plans to visit the Elk Extravaganza at Acher's Afield on Saturday, August 1st from 9am-2pm, and stop by for a visit. You won't miss me. I'll be the one covered from head to toe in buckskin leathers.

All My Best,

Old Trapper Signature