Movember Fun for The Old Trapper

Hello Friends,

What's Movember you ask? Well, it's that time every November when men around the world grow out their mustaches and beards in hopes of raisin' awareness for men's health issues. Now I'll back just about anythin' that involves cultivatin' more lustrous and complete facial hair, but when the goal of growin' it out is to help men live healthier, happier lives, well dadgummit, how could I possibly refuse? I want to help however I can, so between Halloween and Cyber Monday I'm donatin' a portion of all online sales to the Movember Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to impactin' prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health issues, and physical inactivity. You can help me out by makin' purchases all month through my online beef jerky mercantile.

Even More Movember

Not only that, I'll be providin' tips on carin' for your new, beautiful facial hair, highlightin' a few of my favorite beards in history and pop culture, and providin' a tip or two for livin' your own happier healthier life. In short November/Movember will be a month to remember, where hopefully, we help a few people along the way. Stay tuned...

All My Best,

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