Old Trapper 1/4 Lb Big Bags are Now Available!

Old Trapper 1/4 Lb Big Bags are Now Available!

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While my beef jerky competitors continue to embrace the trend of decreasing product size, I recently launched a new “Big Bag” of my popular beef jerky. Weighing in at a full quarter pound, my Big Bag features my signature clear view packaging so my customers can see the amount and quality of the beef jerky they're buying. On Black Friday 2019, I unveiled this product online. Now, individual bags are available for purchase online.  

As it turns out, my clear bags are just want snack buyers want. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Consumers love food sold in clear packaging ….[because] shoppers are more inclined to buy when they see what they are getting.” The article explains, “Food is likely to stay under wraps if it doesn’t fill up its package or if it looks messy or factory-made.” 

Beef jerky enthusiasts who are tired of seeing their snack bags shrink in size while the price stays the same can shop my brand new Big Bags containing a full quarter pound of lean, protein-rich beef jerky online.