Old Trapper Announces Renewal of Partnership with “The Jim Rome Show”

Old Trapper Announces Renewal of Partnership with “The Jim Rome Show”

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Campaign Puts Premium Beef Jerky Front and Center with Sports Enthusiasts

Forest Grove, Ore. – September 2020 – Old Trapper today announced that they have signed an endorsement deal with “The Jim Rome Show” on CBS Sports Radio for the second year in a row. Beginning September 7, 2020, the partnership will include endorsements, sponsored features, podcast integration and social and supporting media for Old Trapper premium beef jerky. A highlight of the campaign will be promotion alongside an all-original “What’s Your Beef?” segment, where once per week Jim Rome will discuss rivalries, beefs and clashes in the world of sports. 

Approximately 200 markets carry The Jim Rome Show, accounting for more than 2 million listeners each weekday from 9 a.m. to noon PDT over CBS Sports Radio. One of the most respected voices in the world of sports broadcasting, Rome has become known as a leading opinion-maker as host of the nation’s premiere sports radio talk show. He has established himself as the top choice of athletes and fans when it’s time to know what’s happening beyond the scoreboard.

“We are excited to partner with The Jim Rome team for the second year in a row, particularly in a year when everyone is more excited about the return of sports,” said Robert Leary, Director of Marketing for Old Trapper. “Sports enthusiasts are some of our most loyal consumers and we are pleased to be able to provide them with an increasing variety of wood-fire smoked beef products that are perfect for players on the field and those of us that love watching them play their games. Jim Rome provides a great way for us to connect during the season.” 

The endorsement deal will encompass 60-and 30-second live and recorded talent endorsements voiced by Jim Rome as well as supporting on-air media, 15-second sponsored features, 60-second reads organically woven into Jim’s podcast and monthly social media posts sharing content featuring Old Trapper beef jerky to Rome’s audience of 1.55 million followers. In addition, Old Trapper will be spotlighted adjacent to a custom “What's Your Beef?” segment, wherein Rome will discuss upcoming matchups, providing his take on the “beef.”

Sports enthusiasts who turn to Jim Rome for their weekday sports fix can learn more about the Old Trapper lean, protein-rich beef jerky their favorite broadcaster will soon be endorsing online at www.OldTrapper.com


About Old Trapper Smoked Products

Old Trapper Smoked Products has produced its signature line of authentic handmade beef jerky from its headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon since 1969. That 50 years of experience, complemented by continued investments in state-of-the-art processes, results in top-quality products that are distributed nationwide. A family-run business, Old Trapper offers a full line of high-quality, smoked meat snacks using only the leanest strips of beef, best seasoning ingredients and real wood-fired smoke. For more information, please visit www.OldTrapper.com