Old Trapper Beefy Bingo

Old Trapper Beefy Bingo

Download, Share, and Win Beef Jerky

(Right Click to Download Bingo Card)


Friends, many of us currently have a lot of extra time on our hands. So, instead of binging another terrible tv show or going on your third aimless walk around the neighborhood today, I thought we could play a game instead. That's why I developed Beefy Bingo. Here's how to play:

  • Download your bingo card.
  • Share how many you've done on social media using the hashtag #BeefyBingo.
  • Post by midnight on May 1st.

You'll then be entered to win a free bag of my 10oz beef jerky

Share With Your Fellow Meat Lovers! 

Share the game with your friends, family, roommates, or any meat-eaters in your circle who are looking for something to do. Pro-tip: play with a vegan, and you'll be a guaranteed winner (not to mention my personal snack hero).

Of course, you'll need to stock up on beef jerky before beginning the game.