Old Trapper Celebrates 50 Years of Providing High-Quality Smoked Meat Snacks

Old Trapper Celebrates 50 Years of Providing High-Quality Smoked Meat Snacks

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Beef Jerky Provider Caters to Consumer Demand for Healthier and Protein-Rich Snack Options

Forest Grove, Ore. – March 2019 – Much has changed over the last 50 years, but Old Trapper Smoked Products has stayed true to the same values it held when it opened its doors in 1969. Backed by a steadfast commitment to providing the “real deal” in jerky snacks, Old Trapper pioneered the beef jerky industry and prides itself on producing world class beef jerky. The company starts with the highest-quality, most tender beef, which is slowly marinated and then in keeping with its traditional process, hand-placed on smoking racks. The result is a take-anywhere healthy snack that is low in calories yet high in protein.

According to an April 2017 “Washington Post” article, meat snacks like beef jerky are giving long-time snack favorite potato chips a big run for their money. Citing Nielsen statistics, the article revealed, “Meat snack sales have increased 3.5 percent over the last year to $2.8 billion.” What’s more, “American households spend an average of $25.81 on meat snacks every year”, which makes them a leader in the savory snacks category. Contributing to this growth are competitors that emphasize jerky’s wholesome qualities and consumers who are craving healthier and protein-rich salty snack options.

Old Trapper has been meeting the demand for a snacking alternative that is made from choice lean meat and fresh ingredients long before such buzzwords even entered the consumer lexicon. Now in its 50th year, Old Trapper marks its half century in business by reflecting on the qualities that have made it such a longstanding national brand.

The secret to the company’s duration is simple. Old Trapper makes beef jerky the way it was meant to be. The ingredients behind the company’s success are as short as its actual ingredient list: lean high-quality meat, quality seasonings, real wood-fired smoke and a hands-on manufacturing process. Couple that with an affordable price point and Old Trapper’s ability to outlast the competition becomes obvious.

“Old Trapper is so committed to ensuring consumers know exactly what they are getting, that the company was a pioneer in clear window packaging”, explains Robert Leary, Director of Marketing at Old Trapper. “We put a lot of time and effort into providing a stellar beef jerky product and we wanted to showcase that. With clear window packaging, our customers don’t have to take our word for it. They can clearly see that what they are getting with Old Trapper is better.”

Old Trapper’s featured jerky products include clear 10-ounce and 3.25-ounce windowed bags in Peppered, Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy and Old Fashioned flavors, and pepperoni and steak products.

Old Trapper products are available at grocery and convenience stores nationwide and online at www.OldTrapper.com.

About Old Trapper Smoked Products

Old Trapper Smoked Products has produced its signature line of authentic handmade beef jerky from its headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon since 1969. That 50 years of experience, complemented by continued investments in state-of-the-art processes, result in top-quality products that are distributed nationwide. A family-run business, Old Trapper offers a full line of high-quality, naturally smoked meat snacks using only the best lean strips of beef, the quality seasoning ingredients and real wood-fired smoke. For more information, please visit www.OldTrapper.com.