Old Trapper Leads Category with 35% Growth and Innovative Clear Packaging

Old Trapper Leads Category with 35% Growth and Innovative Clear Packaging

Premium Beef Jerky Company Committed to Showing Customers What they are Getting

Forest Grove, Ore. – March 2021 – Old Trapper today announced  35% year-over-year growth, which outpaced category growth by 250%. The brand’s strong growth indicates that its goal to show customers the high-quality product they are purchasing with its signature clear packaging is changing the beef jerky industry. 

An article in Adweek states a popular fruit and nut bar, “defines itself as using ingredients you can see”, thereby letting the bars sell themselves. Old Trapper has been leading the “sell itself” game since 2011 when their signature clear packaging was first designed for their 10 ounce beef jerky. The open window concept has recently been expanded to include Old Trapper’s 4 ounce bag of jerky as well as the newly introduced beef sticks and kippered steak.  The brand is committed to showing customers what they are buying – the highest quality beef jerky available. They believe in giving consumers a great product that speaks for itself and doesn’t need to hide behind distracting packaging.

“The competition has followed the trend set by Old Trapper by increasing the product window area of their packages proving that they have to model us to keep pace,” said Robert Leary, Director of Communications of Old Trapper. “We remain steadfast that seeing is believing - with jerky this good, we want to show it off with not only a product window, but with nearly 100% clear packaging. As is indicated by our growth, clearly customers appreciate seeing what they are getting.” 

Old Trapper’s 35% growth in 2020 was due to broad upticks in all retail categories, specifically in continued strength in grocery and convenience store sales throughout the United States. With several new product introductions slated for 2021, Old Trapper is on track to continue to lead the beef jerky industry with innovative products that resonate with consumers. 


About Old Trapper Smoked Products

Old Trapper Smoked Products has produced its signature line of authentic handmade beef jerky from its headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon since 1969. That 50 years of experience, complemented by continued investments in state-of-the-art processes, result in top-quality products that are distributed nationwide. A family-run business, Old Trapper offers a full line of high-quality, naturally smoked meat snacks using only the best lean strips of beef, the freshest seasoning ingredients and real wood-fired smoke. For more information, please visit www.OldTrapper.com