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Old Trapper Releases First Beef Jerky Camouflage

March 29, 2016

Old Trapper Smoked Products Inc. P.O. Box 730 Forest Grove, Or 97136-0730


Old Trapper Smoked Products Releases First Beef Jerky Camouflage  

“Finally, you can eat your favorite snack in peace.”

Forest Grove, Oregon. April 1st, 2016. In another industry-leading move, Old Trapper Smoked Products today announced the release of the world’s first high-tech urban camouflage overlay for a consumer packaged good, referred to by its developers as simply ‘Jerky Camo.’ This state-of-the-art technology renders beef jerky packaging completely invisible, giving snackers the ability to discretely consume their beef jerky free from the scrutiny of those with inferior snack options, and completely eliminating jerky theft. The new Jerky Camouflage will be available for download, free-of-charge, on oldtrapper.com beginning at midnight on April 1st.

“This was really a response to a growing problem we’re seeing in the market,” said Old Trapper Marketing Director Robert Leary. “Our customers are buying their jerky, intent on eating it themselves, and instead are beset by freeloaders and outright thieves. This revolutionary CPWD and RbAS application will finally allow them to eat their favorite snack in peace.”

A Technological Leap

Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Forest, Old Trapper Smoked Products regularly draws inspiration from its counterparts in the Beaverton-Hillsboro hi-tech corridor. To the engineers in the Old Trapper Labs, The Jerky Camouflage concept was an innovative solution to a problem many people didn’t even realize they had.
“These are the challenges our engineers live for,” said Leary. “They attacked a real-world problem with front-line tech and really hit a home run for the company and the consumer.”
CPWD and RbAS - the technology that makes this all possible -  is Cellulosic Polychromatic Wavelength Diffusion combined with Roll Based Adhesive Strips. While the exact production methods are a closely held trade secret, Old Trapper isn’t hesitating to give the finished product away for free. When asked about the strategy behind this move, Leary said simply, “Advances like this don’t happen overnight. But when they do finally arrive, we feel it’s our responsibility to share them with the public.”

About Old Trapper Smoked Snacks

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon, Old Trapper has made the world’s finest beef jerky for over forty-five years. Using only the best lean strips of beef, freshest seasoning ingredients, and real wood-fired smoke. From Oregon, but available everywhere.


For more information, please contact trapper@oldtrapper.com

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