Old Trapper Smoked Products Launches Upscale Lifestyle Brand

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Old Trapper Smoked Products Launches Upscale Lifestyle Brand  

The Trapr Heritage Line offers consumers the authentic trapper experience.

Forest Grove, Oregon. April 1st, 2017 - In what may be a first for the beef jerky industry, Old Trapper Smoked Products today announced the launch of an exclusive lifestyle brand aimed directly at younger, high-earning consumers in search of a more authentic brand experience. Called the TRAPR Heritage Collection, the new product line features a variety of handmade items designed to be both stylish and practical.

“Over the last three years, we’ve seen tremendous enthusiasm surrounding The Old Trapper as a person,” said Robert Leary, Director of Marketing for Old Trapper. “The public can’t get enough of his positive outlook, rugged good looks, and easy style. We’ve tried to capitalize on this in the past with a limited apparel line consisting of t-shirts and caps, and the response was remarkable. When we noticed many of our more millennial aged fans preferred a much more authentic experience around their favorite jerky brand, we knew that we had to get back to basics. Way back to basics with raw materials of leather and weed. So with this new endeavor, we’re going all-in.”

An Appealing Lifestyle Brand

Available products include a line of handmade leather goods including a journal cover and egg container, and throwback pieces meant to evoke fondness for a simpler way of life. “We worked with several key social influencers on early versions of these products,” Leary said. “And the response we received was incredible. They told us over and over that these are all category killers. We think that excitement will carry over into the market.” Priced between one hundred to well over a thousand dollars, Old Trapper hopes these new products will appeal to consumers who care about quality and style.

The new line will be available for purchase exclusively at oldtrapper.com for a limited time before moving into upscale small-footprint retailers and various pop-up shops later this year. The TRAPR Heritage Collection announcement comes in conjunction with an aggressive brand redesign that updates both the design of oldtrapper.com as well as the brand’s classic “meathead” logo. Leary added that, "There seems to be a desire to have a younger, more hipster feel to classic beef jerky products for a more millennial audience to align with"

With this launch, Leary sees a bright future ahead. “We’ve found that not only does the public want to purchase Old Trapper products, they want to live the Old Trapper lifestyle, which is one of rugged self-reliance, and choosing one's words carefully to sound more authentic,” Leary said. “That ethos forms the beating heart of the Heritage Collection.”

About Old Trapper Smoked Products Inc.

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon, Old Trapper has made the world’s finest beef jerky for over forty-five years using only the best lean strips of beef, freshest seasoning ingredients, and real wood-fired smoke. We’re from Oregon, but available everywhere.


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