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"Demand From High-Quantity Buyers Required an Unusual Solution."

Forest Grove, Oregon. April 1st, 2015 - In what would be a first for the beef jerky industry, Old Trapper Smoked Products Inc today announced it will make its Old Fashioned Beef Jerky flavor available in a super-sized 30 pound (480oz) bag. Regularly sold in either 3.25 or 10oz packaging, the new 30 pound Old Trapper bag is the answer to a frequent complaint from beef jerky retailers who find current product sizing doesn't meet the needs of many of the brand's loyal fans. Retailers are often left with empty shelves after beef jerky consumers buy up their entire product stock before it can be replenished.

"We kept hearing it, over and over again," said Old Trapper Vice President Eric Evenson. "Retailers calling us, asking if we can send more product because they've completely sold out. We can't keep running truckloads of 10oz bags all over creation, so we came up with the super-sized bag. These will hold most of our die-hards for a month, which allows our retailers to maintain stock of the smaller packaging for people who are jerky samplers or more infrequent buyers."

Test Run then, Full Launch

The idea for the 30lb pound bag was a joint experiment between Old Trapper and Plaid Pantry, an Oregon-based chain of convenience stores. "Plaid Pantry is one of our highest-volume retailers and were game to take a risk and be our partner in this." said Evenson. "They really hit a home run for us." Tim Cote, Vice President of Marketing for Plaid Pantry was impressed with the response to this unusual product. "The Old Trapper fans know what they like and will literally put their money where their mouths are. The 30lb bag sold really well." The new extra-large package of Old Fashioned jerky is available now at the Old Trapper e-commerce store for $670.00 with a flat $7.00 shipping rate. A nationwide rollout will follow by the end of the month. "We've always worked hard to give our consumers exactly what they wanted," Evenson said. "Sometimes, even before they know they wanted it. This new packaging is right in line with everything Old Trapper stands for."


About Old Trapper Smoked Products Inc.

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon, Old Trapper has made the world's finest beef jerky for over forty years. Using only the best lean strips of beef, freshest seasoning ingredients, and real wood-fired smoke. From Oregon, but available everywhere.


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