Old Trapper's Philosophy of the Campfire

Old Trapper at the Campfire

Hello Friends,

Isn't summer wonderful? I just love these long days that seem to stretch on forever. Many people enjoy spending time out-of-doors during the warmer months, specifically camping. 

I know a thing or two about camping, or as I used to call it: my daily existence. Now I'm not here to tell you how to clear a campsite or set up a tent. I'm sure there's some manner of fancy app for that. Instead, I'm going to share my patented "Philosophy of the Campfire" which cannot be found just anywhere and should guide you on your next outdoor adventure.

Where There's Smoke...

You may not think you need a fire during summer camping what with the aforementioned seasonal warmth, but I'd respectfully disagree. Campfires are about more than just heating and cooking. My "Philosophy of the Campfire" posits that these controlled blazes are an essential ingredient for quality conversations and that unique kind of bonding that comes only through sleeping outside. 

So after stating that, here's my philosophy presented four-fold:

    1. Safety First: I'm not referring to fire safety (that should really go without saying), instead I'm referring to the spirit surrounding the fire. This area should be a place where everyone feels welcome, free from anger and recrimination. I do offer this single caveat: good-natured teasing is always appropriate.
    2. Circle Up: The campfire is a place for equals, so sit in a circle where everyone can see each other. This creates feelings of trust and promotes free communication.
    3. Be Yourself: Don't pretend to be something you're not. Be honest and genuine in your thoughts and opinions. The campfire will know otherwise.
    4. Don't Campfire Hungry: There's just something about a blazing campfire that gets a fellow's hunger up. So when you're camping this summer, don't forget your favorite snack like, oh... I don't know..., beef jerky! 

The Rest is Up to You

Let my "Philosophy of the Campfire" be your guide as you seek outdoor adventures this summer. But remember, these rules only set the stage. The rest is up to you and your campfire friends.

All My Best,

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