Photos From my Summer Vacation

Photos From my Summer Vacation

Down California Way

I'm a pretty well-traveled follow, all things considered. Over my (admittedly) long life I've had the privilege of visiting nearly every corner of this great country, as well as many foreign lands to boot. 

Not long ago, I found myself wandering amidst the tall trees at Redwood National Park in Northern California. Fortunately I was packing my trusty Kodak and took a few photographs. 

Something mighty powerful snapped this ageless giant in half. Hopefully it was just the wind, but lord only knows what else lurks in these woods.

On cool days the clouds settle low over the forest canopy, making it difficult to tell exactly where the trees end and the sky begins. 

Nothing makes you feel smaller than gazing skyward amongst a stand of Redwoods.

Some of the oldest trees in this park are more than 2,000 years old. That makes this old trapper a very young trapper in comparison. 

Believe you me. You won't see a more vibrant shade of green anywhere on this planet.

Of course I never leave the cabin without proper provisions and this trip was no different. Here's a shot of my delicious Teriyaki jerky nestled deep in the trunk of an old-growth tree. Looks right at home, doesn't it?

If you've been traveling this summer, I'd love to see your vacation pictures. Share them at the link below and you could win an amazing Old Trapper prize pack.