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Physical Fitness with The Old Trapper

March 05, 2015

Hello Friends,

I'm often asked by friends, fans, and random strangers how I manage to stay so fit, especially considerin' my advanced age. Now I won't lie, I'm blessed with a superior set of genes. They're leather and they superbly compliment the lines of my body. I also had parents who aged gracefully in their own rights and I'm certain no little bit of their fortune has fallen on to my own broad shoulders. But a superior lineage is worthless if you aren't disciplined in your everyday behaviors, and I am disciplined above all things. [caption id="attachment_3837" align="alignleft" width="300"]Jogging Me at mile 20 or 30, I can't right recall.[/caption]

 Exercise Everyday

I'm fortunate in that my line of work is physically demandin'. On a normal day I might hike 50 miles checkin' lines laid across two, of what you might call, 'states.' I simply call them 'outdoors.' Anyway, hikin' is what I do, plus liftin' all manner of large rocks, logs, bears, and gold nuggets (What can I say? My work is varied and interestin'...). There are days when hikin' is not required and I must find other ways to stress my body. On those days I typically go for a jog of anywhere between 26.2 and 52.4 miles, dependin' on how I feel. I know those numbers are oddly precise and I can offer no other explanation than they just feel right. If you're first startin' out with an exercise program, you might consider beginnin' with an easy 13.1 and then workin' your way up.
I'm blessed with a superior set of genes. They're leather and they superbly compliment the lines of my body.

Eat Right

[caption id="attachment_3836" align="alignright" width="300"]InternationCuisine Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner[/caption] Another important part of keepin' fit is watchin' what you stuff in your gullet. I make it habit to eat nothin' but lean beef. It's low fat, low calorie, and high protein, everything a growin' Trapper needs. At all costs avoid sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. You know, all the most delicious stuff.

Keep at It

At first it might be tough to exercise regularly and watch your diet, but if you stay at it, you'll see results and in no time you'll be roamin' the woods and battlin' bears alongside yours truly. I look forward to seein' you as I could use someone watchin' my back. The grizzlies get more vicious by the day.

All My Best,

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