Proper Gifts for Dads & Grads

Proper Gifts for Dads & Grads

It's gifting season for dads and grads and if you really want to do it differently this year, try giving them a bag or four of delicious beef jerky. 
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Graduate Trapper

Hello Friends,

Early summer belongs to fathers and graduates, more commonly known as Dads & Grads. Gift options for these groups usually fall somewhere between boring and cliche. For example...

Common gifts for dads: 

  • A tie he'll probably never wear.
  • Some gadget that will never really work right. 
  • A card.
That's about it. And grads are no better.

Common gifts for grads:

  • A briefcase they'll never use.
  • "Class of..." clothing that will forever give away their real age.
  • Paperweights.
Instead of boring or cliche gifts, show your enthusiasm for your dad or grad with the gift of delicious beef jerky. This gift is valuable, highly coveted, and demonstrates your obvious esteem.

You could buy a big beef box and have plenty of beefy swag for your dads and grads (and maybe a little left over for yourself).