Put Your Beef Jerky on Lockdown

Put Your Beef Jerky on Lockdown

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Friends, we're all spending much more time indoors than usual, and snacking is as important as ever. Unfortunately, some of us are trapped with roommates/significant others/children/strangers who don't respect the idea of personal snack property.

These people believe that any snack is up-for-grabs, REGARDLESS OF WHO THAT SNACK BELONGS TO!


Protect Your Snacks


To guard you precious snacks against these chaos agents, this Old Trapper suggests creating several strategic snack caches around your house. That way, you can snack when the coast is clear while protecting your valuable beef jerky.

Of course, this advice may come too late for a few unlucky people out there. If that's the case, it's time to restock and prepare for the next snack standoff.


Good Luck and Good Snacking