Real Wood Equals Real Smoke

Real Wood Equals Real Smoke

October 12, 2017

Something We Can All Agree On

I think it's safe to assume we're all big fans of smoked meat. And besides our vegetarian & vegan friends, who wouldn't be?! There's just something special about the flavor smoke adds to a great piece of meat. Maybe it appeals to our inner caveman? Maybe I'm over thinking it...

The Hard Way is Sometimes the Best Way

Unfortunately, some brands cut corners by using chemicals that mimic the flavor or real wood smoke. I guess if you're looking to save money, that's one route to take. But that's not how I do it. Each piece of my beef jerk is smoked using real wood. It takes more work and costs more money, but it's the price I pay for a quality product.

So if you're a true smoked meat lover who doesn't want to settle for less, you won't go wrong with Old Trapper.