Road Trip Ready with Old Trapper

Hello Friends,

In my day, a road trip was no easy thing. They usually involved wagons, ill-tempered mules, dust, and (sometimes) starvation. So needless to say, they weren't undertaken for fun and recreation. But with the invention of the car (and later, the cassette deck) road trips turned into a rite-of-passage for every young driver and a legitimate way to spend a vacation.

Prep Right

Of course preparation for the perfect road trip has changed dramatically over the years. Once, you stockpiled weapons, provisions, and trusted companions, crossed your fingers and hoped for the best. Now things are much easier. In my (most humble) opinion, these are the three vital components of any successful blacktop excursion:
  1. A Reliable Car: Nothing ruins a road trip quite like being stuck on the side of one. Make sure your horseless carriage is in good working order and properly fueled.
  2. Good Music: Pick someone with excellent taste to provide the tunes. Time will slow to a virtual crawl with the wrong soundtrack.
  3. The Right Snacks: One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the need for suitable sustenance. And much like the travelers of yore, you'll be fueled by delicious strips of smoked and dried beef. Fortunately your favorite Old Trapper knows a thing or two about savory beef jerky.

Travel Safe

With all that said, the only thing left is to pack your car and hit the road. Remember to take time to enjoy the scenery. After all, that's why you're tripping in the first place. Stay safe, fellow traveler!

All My Best,

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