Say Hello at the Eugene Sportsman Show

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Hello Friends,

It's been a long, cold winter for your favorite Old Trapper. Like most other forest mammals, I spend the majority of my winter months buried deep at the bottom of a cave, fast asleep. Unfortunately, this year I was awoken early by a wayward Wolverine named Steve. He was amiable enough (after an initial disagreement) and we parted friends. But now that I'm awake, it's time I got back to work.

The Original Sportsman

My first order of business is to once again mingle with my fans and I'll do so this Saturday at the Eugene Boat and Sportsman Show. Now this is a perfect fit, seeing as how I am one of the original sportsman. I'll OT November content-9038be circling the floor, giving away samples of my delicious beef jerky, and answering questions. As if meeting me weren't gift enough, the first 20 people who track me down on the show floor and say the secret password woodsman will receive a free limited edition hunter orange Old Trapper logo cap. So come to Eugene this Saturday, say hello, and watch as I warm these cold winter bones.

All My Best,

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