Say "Thank You" the Trapper Way

May 08, 2017


Teacher Appreciation Week begins today and I do believe we can all agree our teachers deserve to be appreciated. Why, I still hold fondly the memory of my great grammar school teachers who did so much to start this here Old Trapper out on a path of success.

Now you may be considering giving your child's teacher some token of your appreciation. Might I humbly suggest demonstrating your thanks with a bag of Old Trapper Beef Jerky?

It's the perfect snack for teachers:

  1. My bags fit easily inside a desk drawer.
  2. The lean protein provides the all-day energy they'll need to mold the minds of future generations.
  3. It's more delicious than an apple (this is just science).
  4. The right gift could mean the difference between an A- and an A+.

So pass on the treat they'll love to eat. And in the process, say "thank you" for everything they do.

All My Best,