Score the Six and Get an Automatic Extra

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Hello Friends,

Well, the team's are set for the big game and because football is, at heart, a social activity, it's time to start plannin' your festivities. Now smart snackin' is a serious affair, and far be it from me to tell any of you your business, but might I humbly suggest you rethink your party platter this year. Instead of chips, creamy dips, veggies, hot wings, burgers or brats, score a snacking TD with the Old Trapper Six Pack Sampler.

Six + 1 = 7

And because I love football so much, I'm including an automatic extra point with this pick six: a free bag of Trapper's Choice. So place your order in time for the big game and you'll be ahead by 7 before kick0ff. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature