$7 Flat Rate Shipping in the continental US

$7 Flat Rate Shipping in the continental US

Smart Trappers Buy in Bulk

April 19, 2017

Old Trapper Bulk Beef Jerky Image

Hello Friends,

While the life of this Old Trapper might appear glamorous, what with the constant adventures and never-ending supply of beef jerky, I assure you it hasn't always been this way. In fact, I lived for years with nothing more than the clothes on my back and what meager possessions I could carry in my trusty possibles bag. For most trappers, life is a constant boom and bust cycle. One minute you're flush with a wagon filled with fresh pelts, and the next you're busted after spending your last shilling on a meager serving of fried corn.

The smart trappers recognized this and planned ahead. In those days, whenever I found myself possessing a bit extra, I'd stock up on this or that for the days when my trap lines came up empty. It's this spirit of thrift and preparedness that prompted me to offer my delicious smoked treats in bulk quantities for the benefit of my savvy customers. If you're interested in stocking up on a few extra bags of my jerky, here are a few options to consider:

Beef by the Case

What's better than 120oz of beef jerky? Okay, 130oz is better, but you get my meaning.
In my internet trading post, I'm currently offering 10oz bags of my tasty jerky for sale by the case of 12. All four of your favorite flavors are available and by buying in bulk, you'll be getting one of the 12 bags for free. This option is perfect for the beef jerky consumer who prefers not to deviate from their favorite flavor.

The Little Beef Box

Now there's nothing little about the Little Beef Box. We just named it this way for
marketing purposes which will become clear in short order. The Little Beef Box comes stuffed with 20 bags of jerky, including:

  • Six 3.25oz bags of Old Fashioned
  • Six 3.25oz bags of Peppered
  • Six 3.25oz bags of Teriyaki
  • PLUS 2 bags of our Deli Style Beef Sticks.

That's a lot of beef by any measure, and if you buy the Little Beef Box, you'll save $40 over buying all those bags separately. That's some smart shopping.

The Big Beef Box

This is the grandaddy of all my bulk snack options. The Big Beef Box overflows with bag after bag of my 10oz jerky. You'll get:
  • Four 10oz bags of Old Fashioned
  • Four 10oz bags of Peppered
  • Four 10oz bags of Teriyaki
  • PLUS 4 bags of Deli Style Beef Sticks

All that beef also comes with a lot of savings. So if you're excited by the idea of buying all the meat you can handle for a price that's kind on your pocketbook, don't delay and buy today.

Save on Shipping Too

Of course some of you may be saying, "Trapper, all this beef sounds great but if I can't afford to have it shipped to me, what good does buying in bulk do?" This is a great question. Fortunately I only charge a flat $7.00 to ship orders, no matter how much you buy. So purchase with confidence, buy in bulk and save, and do it all with my profound gratitude.

All My Best,